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Terms and conditions




All bookings and tariffs are subject to change without notice.  All bookings and deposits received are subject to the property owners’ approval and receipt of deposit monies.  All tariffs are inclusive of a $88 booking and service fee.  A bond authority must be agreed to and signed by the guest before the booking is confirmed


Confirmation of the booking requires a deposit of 50% of the total owing.  The booking will be confirmed via email on receipt of the deposit.  

Balance of Payment

Full and final payment for the holiday booking is required 30 days prior to the commencement of the holiday.  If the outstanding balance has not been received by the 30th day prior to the booking commencement date, Saltwater Escapes reserve the right to cancel the booking without notice and the guest will forfeit the deposit.


Security Bond

The guest gives preauthorisation to debit their provided credit card should we need to do so without notice to remedy any damages or repairs, replace missing household items, charges resulting from excess cleaning, the removal of garbage and debris from the property, to recover expenses as a result of excessive usage or as a result of breaches of the terms and conditions.

In the event of an account being in default and being referred to an external party for collection the guest shall be liable for all resulting costs arising from the recovery, including commission which would be payable if the account is paid in full and legal costs including demand costs.



The Agent or any person approved by the property owner ay access the property at any time upon demand.


All deposits and payments are not refundable. We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind about the services you asked for.  However, Saltwater Escapes will endeavour to re-let the property for the same period at the same or greater rental. If the property is re-let an administration fee is incurred and the canceller will forfeit 10% of the gross rental tariff. The balance of the funds, less this administration fee will be refunded within 14 days of securing a replacement occupant.

Travel insurance is recommended.  Saltwater Escapes and will not be held responsible for costs, loss of deposits and payments made or other fees incurred due to cancellations resulting from but not limited to acts of terrorism, act of God, war, strikes, theft, delay, cancellation, civil disorder, disaster, government regulations or changes in itinerary or schedule or from any occurrences or conditions beyond its control.

If you need to change your booking for any reason by giving 30+ days notice you may transfer your booking to new dates or transfer them to other nominated guests (this may require property owner permission). NB Peak Season bookings require 60+ days notice.

Cancellations within 30 days (60 days for Peak Season bookings) require full payment of accommodation and services booked.


Arrival and Departure

Departure time is strictly 10am.


Late checkout up to 12 noon is at the discretion of management and must be prearranged the night before departure and is dependent on other guests’ arrival that day but if agreed will not incur a charge.

Late checkout after 12 noon is at the discretion of the management and must be prearranged the night before departure and if agreed may incur fees to be agreed upon between the guest, property owner, and agent.

Upon departure the property should be left in a similar state to its condition on arrival. In particular; 

  • Dishes need to be washed, properly dried and stacked away or dishwasher emptied

  • BBQ Clean

  • All rubbish removed from the property and placed into appropriate garbage bins provided.  Rubbish bins must be placed to the kerb on departure or the allocated collection day as directed in the information provided at the property, failure to do so will incur $50 per bin fee which will be deducted from your bond.  Excess rubbish bags must be removed by the guest.  Bags left beside the bins will not be collected by the collection service and will incur a $40 per bag removal fee.

  • Pet Owners - please check gardens and pickup anything left by your pet.

  • Any furniture which has been moved needs to be returned to its original location.

  • Property should be left tidy

  • If any or all of these items are not attended to a minimum $75.00 or the additional cleaning fees required to bring the property up to standard will be deducted from your credit card or be otherwise recoverable from you.



A mobile phone number must be provided and be contactable when occupying the residence 24/7 for security purposes.

Number of Guests

Should not exceed the number stated on the booking request or subsequently agreed to in writing or email.  Bookings will be made for the maximum number of guests you require to stay at the property at any time regardless of the number of days your additional guests choose to reside with you. We will not breakdown the cost of the bookings based on individual days for individual guests.

Setting up Equipment

Guests are at no time permitted to erect swimming pools, inflatable play equipment, camping equipment, park caravans or such like on the property which will constitute grounds for inspection, eviction and deduction from security bond.


Noise, Parties and Behaviour

Parties and functions are strictly prohibited. The price charged is for domestic use only and not commercial. This rate does not allow for the extra wear associated with functions in terms of cleaning, rubbish removal, wear and tear, repairs etc. Use contrary to this may result in immediate cancellation of the booking, eviction, charges to the bond and no refund of booking costs.

The accommodation is for registered guests only. No audible noise between 10pm to 8am and no excessive noise at any other time.  Evidence of parties/use as party venue will incur bond charges.  A $100 deduction will be charged with each security or caretaker callout. If after one warning for excessive noise and/or antisocial behaviour the property manager or its representative has reasonable grounds to believe that the property is being damaged, at risk, or guests and visitors are in breach of the Terms and Conditions, the property manager has the right to inspect the property, vacate the property of guests and visitors and forfeiture of the booking costs and possible bond charges will occur.

Damages, Breakages, Loss

Damages, breakages or loss to or from the property are the guest’s responsibility during their stay. Guests shall be liable for all costs and expenses incurred as a result of such damage, breakages or loss. Without prejudice to any other remedies available, Owners shall be entitled to have recourse to the security bond to cover such costs and expenses and/or debit any credit card used to make the principal payment.  In addition, a $50 - $150 maintenance fee may be charged by Saltwater Escapes.

LOSS – the property owners and Saltwater Escapes take no responsibility for guests’ personal property during their stay or items left at properties on departure.  



It is highly recommended that all guests and visitors purchase travel insurance to protect against loss of belongings, cancellations, injury and death.

Property Descriptions

Property managers will endeavour to describe the property and its location to the best of their ability and in good faith.  We do not take any responsibility for incorrect descriptions, omissions or inaccuracies and will not be held liable should the property not match your expectations.

Household Instructions

A full book of instructions is supplied in each property detailing how the appliances work etc. If you require a member of staff to assist with any problem during your stay a $100 attendance fee may be incurred if the problem is not a fault in appliances, utilities, or instructions.

Gardens and Maintenance

Our gardening and maintenance staff may require access to the gardens and property during your stay, we ensure these visits are kept to a minimum but are sometimes unavoidable to ensure the high standard of maintenance to the property. Should maintenance trades need to enter the property we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.


Smoking is not permitted inside any rental properties managed by Saltwater Escapes. The security bond may be charged should there be evidence of smoking inside; minimum $200 charge for fumigation, minimum $200 charge for collection of cigarette butts.  Any damage caused by smoking will also result in extra charges.

Pools and Spas

  • Settings for any pool or spa are automated and must not be altered by guests.  Bond charges may occur should this occur.  You should contact us immediately if you have issues or problems with the pool or spa or its equipment.

  • Should the pool be unusable for up to 24 hours due to routine maintenance, no compensation will be given. We endeavour to ensure that maintenance disruptions are kept to a minimum.

  • Guests are responsible during their stay to ensure the water level does not drop below the filter box, this could cause irreparable damage and may result in charges to your bond.

  • Never put any bubble bath, detergent, oils or dyes in the swimspa/spa as they stain the surface and clog the filters.  Any maintenance required due to misuse will be deducted from your bond (average cost to drain and clean is $1000.00).

  • Food or drink is NOT permitted in the pool area. Glass is strictly prohibited as broken glass in the pool will require the pool to be drained and cleaned resulting in approx. $1000.00 fee charged to the bond.

  • Never allow pets into the pool and keep pets away from the pool area. Pets in a pool are equivalent to a large number of people being in a pool. It will immediately affect the chlorine levels and make the pool unsafe to swim in. The water will become cloudy and pool maintenance and cleaning supplies will be necessary to rebalance the level. The pool may then not be available to you or following guests during a period of time. Compensation to following guests is costly and all expenses may be deducted from your bond.




Pets are only allowed where specific arrangements have been made prior to arrival. In those instances -

  • Please bring your own bedding and bowls for your pets.

  • Pets must remain outdoors.

  • We do not take responsibility for pets left in courtyards or fenced gardens, you must do so at your own risk.

  • Constant barking and/or howling is not acceptable. Complaints from nearby residents may result in the cancellation of the guest stay and consequently the loss of booking costs.

  • Please check the courtyards and garden areas thoroughly before you leave and clean up any messes left by your pets. Failure to do so will incur additional cleaning charges.

  • Any damages at the property including damage done to plants, driveways, irrigation systems, hosepipes, outdoor furniture etc caused by your pets will be charged to the bond.

Variations to these conditions may only be made by prior arrangements with the owner in writing.

Solid Fuel Wood Fires

Where properties have log fires, a fire starter pack can be purchased for an additional fee, which includes logs, kindling, paper and fire starters. Wood can also be purchased from the local service station if required.

Guests must ensure firescreens are in place to avoid damages to the property which may incur bond charges.


WiFi and mobile phone coverage

Saltwater Escapes nor the properties Owners will be held responsible for the coverage or speed of WiFi or mobile phones in and around the property. Not all properties have WiFi, please discuss your requirements with us prior to booking.

Cancellation by the property owner

The Owners will make every effort to ensure the property is available as booked, however the Owners reserve the right to make alterations to bookings due to unforeseen circumstances.  In the event that the property is withdrawn by the property Owner, Saltwater Escapes will endeavour to locate a property of equivalent specifications.  However, should an alternative property be unavailable or unsuitable, the guest will receive a full refund.

Problems and Complaints

In the event of a problem or complaint you must inform Saltwater Escapes immediately so management has the opportunity to rectify the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible within reasonable time.  This includes arriving to the property to find rubbish bins full or unsatisfactory cleaning. Failure to follow this procedure may hinder the ability to rectify the problem or complaint and will disallow any claim for compensation.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you acknowledge that if we are able to solve a problem within 24 hours then you are not due a refund for compensation.


The Guests/occupants indemnifies the agent against any liability which may result through loss, injury, being personal or proprietary suffered by any person where any injury, damage or loss has been contributed to or caused by any act or occasion of the Guest or his agent. The agent reserves the right to be sole arbitrators in the event of a dispute.  No responsibility will be taken by Saltwater Escapes for any misconception of a property where a booking has been made by email, internet, fax or telephone. We cannot be held liable for any actions of our landlords which may result in the tariff being increased prior to occupancy.  We have no control over the property being altered by the landlord in any way prior to occupancy.  We cannot control or be responsible for the property becoming un-available for letting prior to occupancy.  We cannot control or be responsible for the property being sold prior to occupancy. In any of these instances we will endeavour to find an alternative property but cannot make any guarantees, nor can we assure you of being able to find a replacement property at short notice. Saltwater Escapes will reserve the right to retain the deposit should the guest cancel the booking and a replacement booking is not made. Saltwater Escapes reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time.

T&C can be downloaded here

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